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Lawful Carry at Long Shot

If you have received your NJ Conceal Carry Weapon (CCW) permit, then you may carry onto Long Shot premises in a lawful manner if you have your documentation with you.  Please note that unless you are an active duty police officer or have taken Long Shot's holster drawing qualification you will not be allowed to draw and shoot from your holster. 

Additional important CCW related rules and policies at Long Shot apply.  Please be sure to read our 2024 Range Rules to learn about and comply with them.

Waivers and Safety Briefings

First-time visitors (shooter or observer), on your scheduled range day, you must finish waivers and take your picture on the iPads, watch a 9-minute safety video (no exceptions) and attend a safety briefing.  Experienced shooters may request to waive out of the 20 minute briefing by speaking to the instructor - subject to his entire discretion.

After attending the safety briefing (or being waived), you will proceed to the range counter, to pick up rented gear and receive your lane assignment.

Member Lanes

The entirety of Bay 2 (7 pistol lanes) is available Saturday and Sunday, for Annual and 30 day members, to begin shoot in a private pistol bay from range 10:00am through and 1PM.  Members may make a reservation or walk-in during that time.   The best of Long Shot in one exclusive shooting range.

Range Reservations Using Our Buddy System for Safety

If you are Active Law Enforcement or Retired Law Enforcement certified under HR-218 or if you possess a NJ FID card, you may shoot alone, whether you bring your own firearm or rent one of ours.

Bring your own firearm to shoot alone or with a friend, by reserving time on our pistol ranges. (50 yard rifle range closed temporarily). Each reservation is for one lane, and accommodates from 1 to 3 people. Please read below to learn the appropriate time to arrive for your reservation.  After registration and safety processing, you will proceed to the range counter, where you may purchase ammo and targets, if needed.

If you’ve brought your own gun but decide you still want to try one of ours, you may rent a-la-carte any firearm available that is allowed in your reserved range. 

If you would like to rent our firearms, but do not possess a NJ FID, you must bring one other person with you, as we use the "buddy system" for safety and security.  Your buddy may shoot or simply observe, but if you are renting, there must be a minimum of two guests.  All of our rental packages are priced for 2 people, whether both shoot or not.

Except as identified above, our policy is that no one may shoot alone on the range.

Group Range Reservations:    
If you have 8 people or more in your party, you can make a group reservation or request a special event quote via or call 201-735-1875 option 2.  One of our customer service representatives will get to know your specific party needs and put together a custom package for your family and friends event or corporate outing.

All group range reservations are held by a 20% deposit at the time of reservation.  All sales are final.  No refunds of deposit given.  You may reschedule if you provide 96 hours of notice via email to

Emailing Long Shot with less than 96 hours on a group reservation will lead to forfeit of deposit.  No rescheduling with less than 96 hours of notice either.  


Should you not show up to your group reservation, you forfeit the registration and all fees paid.

Range Reservation Cancellation Policy

All range reservations are final and non-cancelable.

On the day of your reservation, if you are unable to make the appropriate arrival time, it may be possible to move you to an open time slot on the same day. But depending on availability it may not.

If you call us the day before your scheduled reservation, it may be possible to move you to an open time slot on the same day of your appointment or another day.  But depending on availability it may not. 

No shows automatically forfeit all monies paid without the possibility of rescheduling.

Returning Customers, Arrival Time:

If you and everyone in your shooting party are returning customers, prepare to arrive at Long Shot not less than 30 minutes prior to your scheduled start time. This will allow sufficient time for returning guests to use the iPads to update any personal information if it has been more than 365 days since last visiting.  

First-time Customers, Arrival time:

If it is your or anyone in your shooting party's first time at Long Shot (experienced shooter or not), you must arrive not less than 60 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.  This will allow sufficient time for registration and waiver processing, completion of safety briefing and gun selection and check-in and port assignment at the range counter.  If you have a reservation, your entire party must be ready to enter the range when called. 

Customers with Reservations, Arriving Late or Not Ready to Start When Called:

You and all those in your shooting party must complete the registration, safety video and lane assignment requirements.  If you or any member of your party arrives late or is not ready to shoot at the scheduled start time when called, you may forfeit your reservation and all fees paid, or the tardy person in your party will join your party's shooting session already in progress. 

Renting Range Time or Joing Us As A Member:

You may Bring Your Own Gun (BYOG) to the range with your NJ FID or proof of gun ownership if from a different state, as follows:

  • purchase lane time in 1 hour increments;

  • purchase a 4-pack, 30 day membership

  • purchase an Annual Range membership.

Any non-member who accidentally or willingly reserves a member only time slot, will need to purchase either an annual or 30 day membership for their reservation to be honored.  Otherwise their reservation will be cancelled and all fees forfeit.

Expulsion Policy and Forfeitures

If a range customer is expelled from Long Shot Pistol and Rifle for any reason, all range packages bought and reservations made will be immediately cancelled and forfeit.  This includes all reservations and packages paid for use on a future date.  There will be no refunds of any kind.

If a member of Long Shot Pistol and Rifle is expelled for any reason, 

  • all pending reservations are immediately cancelled and any payments, if applicable, are forfeit;

  • all pending merchandise transactions are immediately cancelled and any deposits, if applicable, are forfeit;

  • all future access to Long Shot Pistol and Rifle premises is denied.

  • If your membership is being paid through a monthly installment contract, all outstanding monthly payments will be immediately accelerated and charged to your credit card in one lump sum without advance notice.

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