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* If you are new to pistol shooting or have limited mobility, this should be your first holster class. 

May be required for some, prior to taking Holster Drwing 2, the class which teaches you how to assume all positions for your CCW Qualification.

The class will instruct the beginner pistol student how to safely utilize a holster and related equipment for the purpose of practicing stationary target shooting in Long Shot’s indoor ranges.  If you need help selecting the proper holster before this class, please note that for most, a hip holster, rather than an appendix holster is simpler and safer to begin with.. 


  • Inspection of Required Equipment

  • Muzzle Discipline and Trigger Discipline

  • Clearing and Making the Pistol Safe

  • Draw stroke from holster

  • Re-holstering

  • Qualificatiom exam


  • Firearm in serviceable working order.

  • Kydex holster or similar 

    • leather holster allowed only if pre-approved by instructor at least three days prior in case not accepted

  • Stiff nylon belt for OWB holsters, stiff EDC belt for IWB holster.
    • leather belts allowed only if pre-approved by instructor at least three days prior in case not accept
  • Minimum of 2 magazines and magazine pouches.

  • 50 rounds of factory loaded ammunition.

  • Hearing and eye protection.  



$125.00  No firearm, equipment or ammo included.

1.0 to 1.5 hours



Excellent safety skills and operational knowledge of your firearm. 

You may be disqualified (failed) during class if you lack safety and handling skills.

No refunds or credit.


Strongly recommend that most students take a Beginner Pistol or NRA Basic Pistol class if they are new to shooting.


Reservations preferred.  Walk-ins depend on availability 
See cancellation and rescheduling policy.


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