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* Meets the State requirement to apply for your Firearms ID Card

and for your Conceal Carry Permit.

This course is intended for BEGINNERS with little or no experience, who wish to learn to safely handle and operate a semi-automatic pistol. This class is a must for responsible NJ gun owners and can be used as a certification course for those applying for a NJ Concealed Carry Permit.   Those students who wish to learn with a revolver, can call or stop by the range to schedule a one-on-one class, which includes your Holster Drawing 1 certification.


Each successful student will receive a completion certificate signed by the instructor.  There are 4 qualification levels for accuracy, Standard, High-1, Higher-2 and Highest-3.

This class is offered in English during weekdays and weekends. You can use the button above to pay the fees and save your seat in an upcoming class. 


We also offer the class in Spanish and for Women only!  Classes are scheduled once there are 4 paid students.  Use the buttons above to learn more and reserve your spot. We will contact you and your class mates via email or phone to coordinate a convenient schedule for all.

•    4 Rules of Firearm Safety;

•    Principles of Safe Handling and Operation;

•    Grip and Stance Fundamentals;

•    Proper Sight Alignment and Sight Picture;

•    Trigger Control, Squeeze and Follow Through;

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: (not included in course tuition)
•    Pistol, semi-automatic;    
•    50 rds of ammunition;         
•    Eye and Ear protection;

•    Two paper targets (supplied by LSPR);

$150.00 per individual student
$  50.00 equipment bundle if needed (pistol, 50 rounds of ammo, eye and ear protection)

3.0 hours  (1hr theory, 1hr dry fire drills, 1hr live fire drills and shooting qualification);

On class day, student must arrive 60 minutes if renting equipment or 30 minutes early if bringing own equipment, which must be in good working order.




Walk-ins are at the discretion of the instructor. 

See cancellation and rescheduling policy.

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